That thing called Work

A wise man once said 'You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps' and while work takes up probably the highest proportion of your life it also helps if you enjoy what you do. I've always been a techie geek at heart and I'm sorry but I like it! Ultimately that reflects strongly on my work and on what I choose to occupy the majority of my time with.

In short if there's a solution to a problem, there's always a way of making it easier through the use of technology. So, what am I doing at the moment? Read on:

I started work for back in 2004, a few months after getting married. I'd just started my own Web Development business and was at that knife edge point where I either took on staff because I couldn't do both the amount of coding I had on my books and bring in additional sales, or stay the same size and limited the growth of the company and its brand. I wasn't looking forward to it and spent many weeks toying with ideas for funding the business as it grew. Little was I to know that come the end of June, I'd be travelling from Derby to Milton Keynes every day.

Fast forward a few years and we now have a head office in Derby and a whole new outlook on the malware business.

If only the data centre wasn't 140 miles away!


Want to know more about my role and skill set here at Prevx? Download my CV, HERE.